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Consuming content and shopping is what we as Gen Z do best. But the world around us is constantly changing and our favourite habits must change with it.

The sustainability transition has been occurring on an institutional level. Yet, the key drivers of change towards a more ethical and sustainable future, us as young people, are not involved.

We have created a platform to merge our favourite habits, content and shopping, with being sustainable.

and… it’s never been so easy
Build your knowledge on key issues
Earn from engaging with brands
Shop stylish and sustainable products
How it works
Interact with content in the Hub. Become empowered with the knowledge you need to gain insights into key topics in our society
Engage with brands through interactive ads, allowing you to earn spendable tokens in return for your time and attention
Shop sustainable products that have been handpicked by our stylists, from your favourite brands. Browse our ethical collections and swipe through your daily picks
Name App subtly focuses on three key areas of your lifestyle:
Your Knowledge
The Hub
Using Name is an engaging and purposeful experience. We have designed an app that gives you access to a more sustainable lifestyle, without you even realising.
Your Attention
Interactive Ads
Your Shopping Habits
Name Shop
We have a vision of creating a positive movement that enables us to come together and help achieve the solutions we believe in!
Who we are
A team combining youth and experience on a mission to connect the wants and preferences of our generation, to the needs of our environment and society.

We want to show our generation that living purposefully doesn’t demand huge sacrifices, and that it can be easier than anyone ever imagined.
Joe Lipman
Marc Purves
Phillipe Guayrd
Cyrus Pellet
Back-End Development Lead
Front-End Development Lead
Philip Turner
Peter Moorhouse
Advisor and Investor
Advisor and Investor
Bristol University
Barney Toomer
Exeter University
Jack Hough
Cambridge Univeristy
Sam Odu
Edinburgh University
Emma Mall
Newcastle University
Harry Bevan-Thomas
Rosie Kelly
Product Manager
Durham University
Molly Jaques
Our Beta version is available to download now!
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